The Leader has no Readers (L.V. Impressions)

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I’d kill to have the copy of the Locust Valley Leader with a cover picture of the trestle with the words, “The Leader has no Readers” emblazoned across the top.

I think it was the guys from the class of ’69 who started the tradition of painting the trestle. (Please feel free to take credit if you were involved.) Somehow, it evolved into to war with the local paper, ending in the above the fold picture. A couple of years later, we thought it was a wonderful tradition, and so my friends and I added our own messages. (I am sure the statute of limitations has run, so I can now safely make a confession that I was one of the perpetrators.)

After one or ten drinks, feeling gin brave, we grabbed whatever leftover paint we could find from our parents’ garages and climbed the hill along the tracks by the trestle. It was always late at night, and we always had an emergency escape route planned for ducking into the woods.

“Bye Bye Billy”, “It’s Bye Bye Bonzo”, and “ELBDA” (East Lattingtown Beer Drinkers Association) were the kind of inspirational things we painted. Mostly the slogans had something to do with a friend getting married.

A later generation, for some reason, thought our words were scared, and so the last message we painted, remained for many years. Then, it was unceremoniously painted over with a coat of bureaucratic gray paint.

I know a certain person getting married in about a year. Maybe it’s time for some of her brothers and sisters to get a few cans of paint (there must be some in the garage) and renew a tradition. Just be careful, and don’t get caught!

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