Sod’s Law

Sod’s Law says whatever CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong. Which is precisely what happened upon arriving in Bern, Switzerland. Thankfully, we easily found the hostel we were staying at and met the lovely fellow travelers that were sharing our room. In fact, everything was perfect until the next morning when we decided to do some sight-seeing. Of course as soon as we tried taking pictures, our camera decided it had had enough of being told what to do and broke monumentally. It pixelated each shot and turned them neon, then wouldn’t work at all.

This was the second day of our trip and we still had almost two weeks to go. Feeling brave, we decided to find a local store that sold affordable digital cameras. You haven’t put your foreign language skills to the test until you’ve tried figuring out the specs of a camera to know which is the best to buy. In broken French, we tried to ask the employee questions and they answered back in broken English; we were about as good as each other. However, I’m sure we all grew from the experience.

Nevertheless, they helped us when we were in need and we will forever be grateful. The picture above is one of the first ones taken with our new purchase and it must have been the right choice because, three years later, we’re still using the same camera.

An experience that could have put a damper on our travels ended up being one of the highlights! Perhaps Sod’s Law isn’t such a bad thing…at least until it rears its ugly head again!