Loving New Orleans

New Orleans is the only place that you can have a Hand Grenade in hand, a Hurricane in the other and watch a Rotisserie rotate all at the same time!! Thanks to Tropical Isle, Pat O’Brien’s, and the classy and historic Monteleone Hotel.

Lamothe Hotel will chill you to bits. You will need all of the above to enter the haunted Lamothe. The transcendent mirrors will intrigue and the twisted stair case will taunt you, and the haunted rooms will stun and shock your senses! The food in New Orleans is the best ever, every taste bud is having a party of its own! The music is so inviting, colorful, and free spirited.

New Orleans is one of a kind, a joy to visit, it feels like a different dimension!

2 thoughts on “Loving New Orleans”

  1. It’s like another country, indeed. Great place to have fun and explore, though I do hope a “Hand Grenade” is a type of drink ! (I don’t think that donkey likes its hat much.)

  2. We still remember the night that we met a couple of homeless people on a French Quarter corner, he was reading “Waiting for Godot” while his wife screamed obscenities at the world. Of course Rick and I struck up a conversation with the gentleman leaving our wives to fend for themselves. Quite a few dirty looks later we boarded the tram and left our new found friends. Life is full of mysteries.

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