Greeting from Seattle

Greetings from Seattle

There she was… a mannequin… in a bikini… waving to us from a store window… a mannequin in a bikini in a store window of a store that sold sex toys and drug paraphernalia.

The mannequin with a warm greeting, like the statute over the city of Rio.

Greetings from Seattle.

We saw Rose the porn mannequin on our first day in town. She was like a lot of the people in Seattle – friendly, slightly worn, and stuck in one place. Her store was right across the street from our boutique hotel in the Old Town district. Old town Seattle is historic, old, and charming. It is slightly arty, slightly blue color. In places you can see the old brick sticking through the asphalt roads.

At the beginning and ending of each day in Seattle, we passed Rose’s smiling face and her waving hand. I thought about buying a gas mask bong, or a pair of battery-powered electric underwear. Security at the airport would probably send us to Gitmo if they looked inside our bag. So we decided to avoid those purchases for now.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a lot to do in Seattle. There are few bars and restaurants that we could find. Did we look in the wrong places? Rose was no help, never once directing us to anyplace fun. We did find some good local bars, no thanks to Rose. All the bars were very into Scotch, and we sampled some good ones. Rose just wasn’t a drinker.

On our last night, we found a cool bar at the Four Seasons. It had a great view of the waterfront and the ferries going back and forth. Drinks, good food, Gwen… Then back to the hotel.

In the morning we were off to Portland. Waiting for the cab to take us to Amtrak, I looked at Rose across the street…

I swear she was waving her other hand.

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