Fleetwood Mac’s Middle Reliever

The passing of some musical artists garners more press and reaction than others. The death of Fleetwood Mac’s Bob Welch (earlier this month) didn’t elicit the same impact as the passing of Kurt Cobain or Whitney Houston. His loss struck a chord with me though.

Welch was a huge contributor to Fleetwood Mac and he got as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield. I saw him and the band perform at the Calderone Theatre in Hempstead (Long Island ) in the early seventies. In a sports analogy, he was the unheralded middle reliever, Nicks and Buckingham delivered the multiple World Series rings.

I loved the early guitar layered, blues oriented Fleetwood Mac. The line up included guitar god Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer ( slide genius), and the talented but tortured Danny Kirwin. The sole guitarist on “Heroes Are Hard To Find,” was Bob Welch. His style was ethereal, breezy, and hip. He wasn’t a one or two hit wonder, he penned an impressive body of work. I could easily fill a Seeburg jukebox with the following – Silver Heels, Future Games, The City, The Narrow Gate, The Ghost Of Flight 401, Emerald Eyes, Big Towne 2061, Church, Hypnotized, Bermuda Triangle, Mystery Train, Ebony Eyes, Heart Of Stone, and yes Sentimental Lady.

Rest in peace Bob and thanks for the music!

4 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac’s Middle Reliever”

  1. Absolutely. Strangely, I started listening a lot to the album “Mystery to Me” again when I had to move my residence back in March. I didn’t have the CD version so I actually uploaded to computer digitally from LP so that I could listen on my MP3 player. I kept realizing how great Bob Welch was for this band and made me wish all the more that he had remained. Great guitar, great songwriting and vocals.

  2. You couldn’t fill a thimble with my music knowledge Lee,so I probably am swimming in waters where I don’t belong, but I know what I like and I loved the early (Bob Welch) Fleetwood Mac sound. As usual you are spot on about the media’s fickle pandering post-mortem adoration and attention. I cannot pretend to know Bob Walsh but if it is any consolation it probably was not what he cared about anyway.

  3. Good article….I’d rather listen to the Bob Welch Fleetwood Mac anytime, than the Buckingham- Nicks version

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