We are having to put our baby down today and it is heartbreaking.

I remember the first time I saw Coco at the pound in Naples and I thought you were so handsome. We thought you were already taken but boy did we luck out. We didn’t get off to the best start when you nipped my face but boy did I grow to love you.
You loved to take rides in the car, If we said bye bye it was like Christmas to you. I will always remember how you would snort in my face and mess my glasses up and I would get aggravated. I will miss having spotted glasses. You would leave brown spots on our sheets from licking and cleaning your face and that would annoy me. I will miss those brown spots on our sheets. You were also a mighty squirrel chaser and you never gave up trying to catch one. Time and time again you tried.Then one day a car had run over a squirrel in front of our house and you finally got to nab one.

I will miss you with all my heart Coco. You made it 19 years and most of those with us. Thank you for blessing us with your life. You will be greatly missed.