The Problem with Pisa

During our tour of Europe, Pisa was actually one of our least favourite places to be. It was expensive and full of tourists – I know, it’s rather hypocritical coming from a tourist, but totally not the point. Let’s be honest, it’s a scam to make people wait three hours for a chance to climb up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and charge twelve euros to go up a few flights of stairs.

My sister and I weren’t having any of it, so we took pictures and complained instead. (As you do when you’re on vacation.) Unlike the hundred or so other tourists in the area that felt obligated, we refrained from taking “Look I’m holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa” pictures. Don’t lie – you know at least one person with one of those pictures.

Of course, the Leaning Tower was one of our top reasons for going to Pisa in the first place, so to make up for the loss, we walked to a local cathedral. (This only cost us two euros each, so our cheapskate sides were temporarily appeased.) The only problem was that, as a religious building, proper attire was necessary, and apparently the man upstairs has an issue with shorts and tank tops. As such, I was given what we deemed a Cape of Shame to make sure everyone knew I was a tourist dressed for a warm Italian summer’s day. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one!

Nevertheless, the architecture soon distracted us and we were floored by the splendour of such a place. You truly haven’t seen beauty until you’ve seen the buildings in Italy. Although we disliked the city, the cathedral we visited more than made up for the loss of our day and it soothes the pain when thinking back to that part of our trip.