Make Way for Swan Boats…

Boston is my adopted city. I moved from Long Island/NYC and found my heart in Boston. I love walking through the streets of the city to work in the morning. On this particular morning, I walked by the iconic Boston Swan Boats in the Public Gardens – before they were open for the season.

My mother-in-law introduced me to the Swan Boats when she invited me and each of my young toddlers to a first trip with “Gammy” on the Swan Boats. She introduced all of her 14 grandchildren over the years to the a train ride to Boston and a ride on the boats. And she gave each of the them an accompanying famed Boston children’s book, “Make Way for Ducklings.” On their 50th wedding anniversary, my in-laws were surprised by a total and unprecedented takeover of the Boston Swan Boats by our family so that “Gammy and Papa” could be celebrated, “toasted,” and thanked by all their grandkids ranging in age from 30 to one.

Whenever I pass the Swan Boats, my heart smiles for all the memories. I will share the same tradition someday with my future grandchildren.