Brigadoon on the North Shore (L.V. Impressions)

I know a place where time ticks by in years instead of minutes. Ten miles from a major highway where cars speed towards towers of steel, yet in this place nothing changes. The liquor store is still on the corner after 30 years. The hardware store and the local restaurant are still the same. There are no McDonalds, no Starbucks, no Panda Express. In fact, there are no chains of any kind. You can still get a regular coffee – that is with cream and sugar – at the local deli, a fixture in the center of town. ATMs are fairly new; most people prefer doing their banking with live bankers. Land line phone service may never disappear.

Facebook is something to be frightened of, as old fashioned notions of privacy prevail among the townspeople. There is something soul stealing by revealing yourself on the Internet. Cocktail hour, Memorial Day parades, and patriotic songs in church still rule the day. Around every corner, you can imagine seeing an “Elect Ike” sign. The cars may have changed – SUVs have replaced station wagons – but they are still unlocked when parked in the driveway. The train to the City is now electric, but the ride still takes forever.

You have to go out of your way to notice what’s new. A new house here; a new clothing store there.

And it is all very comforting.

Locust Valley. I could go back… I could go back.

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