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I am the co-owner of Paradigm Information Services and the co-founder of Urban Wordscapes. Paradigm develops custom learning product solutions to support your technology or new product release. It pays the bills. Urban Wordscapes is a fun site that I am extremely proud off. It also lets me express myself creatively!

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No Handicapped Sticker

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a handicapped parking lot without a handicapped parking sticker.…
Happy Couple

Promises of Grace

We’ve been married 35 years. But in the beginning, it was pretty dramatic. I remember a night a long time ago. The night we got together. We were at White Horse Tavern, an old watering hole in lower Manhattan. “You…

Greeting from Seattle

Greetings from Seattle There she was… a mannequin… in a bikini… waving to us from a store window… a mannequin in a bikini in a store window of a store that sold sex toys and drug paraphernalia. The mannequin with…


So we arrived in Rome about noon Rome time. Anyway, we walked around the Forum for a few hours until we were hungry. By now, it was mid-afternoon, and almost every restaurant was closed. So we ducked into the first…