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I am the co-owner of Paradigm Information Services and the co-founder of Urban Wordscapes. Paradigm develops custom learning product solutions to support your technology or new product release. It pays the bills. Urban Wordscapes is a fun site that I am extremely proud off. It also lets me express myself creatively!

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Magellan’s Folly

I’m pretty sure we were in high school, probably 1970, 1971, when one of our friends comped us some tickets to see Frank Zappa at the old Fillmore East in the Village, at 105 2nd Avenue. We lived on Long…

Promises of Grace (Part 1)

“The File Exit command exits the Aztec Designer program. If any open design has been modified since the last time you saved it, you are prompted whether you want to save the changes to the file.” I am technical writer.…
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The Leader has no Readers (L.V. Impressions)

I’d kill to have the copy of the Locust Valley Leader with a cover picture of the trestle with the words, “The Leader has no Readers” emblazoned across the top. I think it was the guys from the class of…

Along the Water’s Edge (L.V. Impressions)

“But the old man always thought of [the sea] as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favours.” – Ernest Hemingway Growing up you take it for granted, but Locust Valley, in fact all of Long Island, is…

Back to the Bar (L.V. Impressions)

excerpted from “Promises of Grace” Two rooms filled with memories of underage drinking, late nights, sex in the parking lot, and old tunes on the juke box. How strange to be back. It had changed. The drinking age was now…

The Waiting Game

Everything was up in the air, and Jake wasn’t a very good juggler. College was over. His parents had moved to California, leaving him without a job or a place to live. So he rented a tiny, furnished apartment near…

Brigadoon on the North Shore (L.V. Impressions)

I know a place where time ticks by in years instead of minutes. Ten miles from a major highway where cars speed towards towers of steel, yet in this place nothing changes. The liquor store is still on the corner…

Hot Peppers Shots

It was nice and warm inside so we took off our layers of clothing, and as we got comfortable we began talking about the trip to London. When we finished our first round Larry went to the bar to order…

Accordion Like an Italian Wedding

He played for us like it was an Italian wedding. Once that old man got started we couldn’t stop him. I was skeptical when Billy said we were going on an “adventure.” “I thought we were going to buy wood.”…
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It’s too Small to be Big Ben

Do you remember streaking? It may have been the cultural high water mark of the 70’s. College students changed into their birthday suits and ran naked through public places on campus. Dinner would be interrupted at least three times a…