Disney Luv

Their derrieres perched upon the Persian rug of new love. The fire crackled in the distance, popcorn made a sound. The red flames roared. Faces of animation were snuggled against the couch. Mickey Mouse’s hand touched Minnie’s. She smiled and giggled. Dinner was prepared with perfection. Main course was cheese on rye, appetizers were crackers and cheese, and desert was everything else. All eloquently wrapped in a bowtie and served with wine above a white blanket found in his closet.

It was the celebration of their bicentennial; married for 200 years, how impossible? No one turned on Mickey Mouse like Minnie and no one turned off Minnie Mouse like Mickey. It was a love hate relationship. Something most never understood.

In the back drop you can hear the voice of a character all too Goofy. “I’m a goofy, yiff! I’m goofy, Yiff!” he denoted.

“But you never show me how much you love me,” she said. Goofy was having relationship troubles with his ex. He just wanted to move on but after he forgot her birthday, she was unsure he cared about her. He claimed the opposite.

“Goof ball, keep it down,” Mickey suggests. It’s been six weeks since Mickey had some quality time with Minnie and he wasn’t going to allow Goofy to mess it all up for him. Minnie Mouse smiles and whispers something in his ear. He giggles. In the background next to the stove, you could hear Goofy takes a swig from a bottle of Jackie Daniel’s and starts to yell into the phone.

“Well, YUCK you then!!” He storms out of the room and takes a cigarette before heading upstairs. His finger lights the cigarette with so much ferocity he almost burns himself then inhales the smoke like it was the last cigarette on planet earth.

“Hey, is everything alright Goofy?” Minnie asked in sarcasm. Goofy mumbles in arrogance and refuses to answer Minnie’s question. Shadows move in the distance and Goofy was no longer in the scene. Mickey and Minnie turn 98 degrees and viewed Warner Brother’s Studios right outside their front porch. Figures in the distance cut into the beautiful moonlight. Upon the ledge of excitement was Aladdin holding princess Jasmine colorfully under the moon light.

On the concrete floor held the hands of Simba and Nala. Their cubs ran around as they were being chased by their parents. Simba’s paw caressed Nala and she purred. Nala giggled. They started to wander.

Thirty feet in the air Buzz Light Year was holding Woody as they flew towards the moon—not as awkward as you’d think. Down below Tarzan held Jane. They sat in the two story tree only two inches away from the Little Rascals Club House. Tarzan winked at Jane and she kept minimal eye contact, as their love festered.

Mickey kisses Minnie and love is sprinkled into the atmosphere.