Monthly Archives: July 2011


The Haircut

Agra is much like every other major city in India; crowded, loud, dirty, and vibrant. The streets are lined with garbage and sewage, through which mangy ferrell dogs and crusty old cows scavenge for snacks. Permeated with the smell that…


Going Round

In my childhood, I grew up watching those “American movies clichés”. You know, being a foreigner, this image is pretty far from our reality. Friends hanging around at the fair, lots of people, lots of food, just enjoining themselves.

Happy Couple

Promises of Grace

We’ve been married 35 years. But in the beginning, it was pretty dramatic. I remember a night a long time ago. The night we got together. We were at White Horse Tavern, an old watering hole in lower Manhattan.


One Berlin

It’s a Saturday afternoon in June 2011, and the scene at Brandenburg Gate is outrageous. Tourists flock by the hundreds to have their photos taken with fake soldiers. Buskers strum American pop tunes. A massive sightseeing bus tries to push…